Fox Express Shipping, through its affiliate partners in the USA & abroad, can offer logistics solutions to fit any need. Simply register for an account on our webpage, and use the account number & address provided to purchase your goods from anywhere in the world. All the goods will be shipped to Miami, FL in the United States, from which weekly flights and sailings to the Caribbean are dispatched. These shipments are guaranteed to embark every week, giving you the reliability you need to provide for yourself, your family and your business. All the products and goods you need to maintain a quality of life you deserve, are only one click away. What are you waiting for? Register now, and lets work on improving your life today! 


The region of the world known as the Caribbean is home to some 39.2 million residents from all walks of life. These residents live on tiny to medium islands, surrounded by an ocean on all sides, which isolates the region from the rest of the world. This isolation from the worlds' products creates a consumer market where prices are dramatically higher than most developed economies. Everyday, everywhere on the islands, articles from cleaning supplies, to food, to toys and books cost anywhere from 4 to 10 times more than those same products cost in the US; which is only a short plane ride away. We exist so that you can afford the same quality of life as any citizen of the developed world, by providing access to the world largest markets of goods. Our aim is to connect you to the world, so that with our help, you can achieve the quality of life you deserve.



Fox Express Shipping was founded in 2009 to serve the Saint Vincent community, and the rest of the Caribbean, with a personalized and first class service. We are a fully licensed custom broker  offering, air courier and international courier service, strategically located in Kingstown, and with our affiliate network of certified WCA & IATA agents across Asia, South & Central America, and the USA, we offer a full logistics solution for any need you have, big or small. Our network of agents can provide you with full customs clearance, ocean air or ground shipments solutions, to and from over 50 of the worlds' largest economies.

it is all about your quality of life...